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Welcome to the Positive 21 website

Positive 21 discussion groupPositive 21 is a progressive support group, created with the sole aim of providing emotional support and a confidential discussion and advice outlet to gay, bisexual and MSM men of all ages living with HIV/AIDS.

Positive21 is a peer support/self-help group, rather than a counselling group, the aim of which is to share and offer moral support, information and advice in a confidential and safe environment to people with HIV. The group embraces traditional support group procedures, whilst addressing the many issues and concerns faced in the 21st century. The main focus of Positive 21 is on the emotional aspect of living with HIV—be it newly diagnosed or long term. As a result of contnuing funding cuts, both by Local Government and the NHS, it is proving increasingly difficult to find the range of services offered by Positive 21. We are a registered charity and all our funding comes from private donations and fund raising events and is therefore unaffected by funding cuts.

Much has changed since HIV was discovered more than 30 years ago. Awareness of the virus has increased, along with great advancements in medical treatments. People with HIV now have a near normal life expectancy. Nevertheless, with the number of HIV people increasing every day, emotional support is one area that many people are less inclined to seek. This can be due to busy work lives, fear of confidentiality being breached, embarrassment, shame or other common reasons.

Positive 21 was founded by and is led by Michael Avloitos, an experienced and qualified trainer and a peer support group facilitator. His experience was gained through his work as a co-training officer with The London Lighthouse in its early years, an environment that gave unconditional love and support to everyone and a place of sanctuary for many in their hour of need. Michael, therefore, brings a compassionate, structured approach to the group and his priority is to create a safe place within a relaxed and friendly environment that people feel confident in attending.

Since the establisment of Positive21 in 2012, the support services have been increasingly in demand and continue to grow in scope. Very popular is the Positive 21 Outreach Monday peer support service and the 24 hour telephone outreach support service, which is available seven days a week to all active users of Positive21. Also, Positive 21 members have access to a free counselling service conducted by a qualified and professional therapist.

Positive 21 is an independent peer support group and bears no affiliation, to any other HIV support group.

Donations are our only source of funding. Anyone able to support Positive21 and our work can make a donation via the website by clicking on the "Donate" button on this page.

Your donations enable us to continue to provide our specialist range of services to people living with HIV who need but cannot get peer support elsewhere.

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